Eric Stanton

Eric Stanton (September 30, 1926 – March 17, 1999; born Ernest Stanzoni) was an American fetish illustrator, publisher, and comic artist.

While the majority of his later work depicted subversive gender role reversal and female dominance scenarios, his personal lifelong passion was for drawing Amazon fetish, femme-on-femme fighting scenarios, and wrestling comics. Commissioned by Irving Klaw, starting in the late 1940s, his fetish bondage chapter serials earned him underground fame. Stanton also worked with pioneering underground fetish art publishers, Leonard Burtman, Edward Mishkin, Stanley Malkin, and later George W. Mavety. Past the sexploitation or soft-core era of the 1960s, while mostly self-employed, his art became increasingly more transgressive. Creating the mail-order business, the Stanton Archives in the 1970s, he sold his work directly to fans and, starting in 1982, issued offset staple-bound fan-inspired books known as "Stantoons", producing more than a hundred til the time of his death. Stanton also contributed to countless underground publications, some forgotten like the Fetish Times, and more widely distribed glossy magazines like Leg Show, Juggs, and Leg World. In 1984, Stanton had the only art exhibit in his lifetime at the New York City nightclub, Danceteria.